Sunday, April 17, 2011

Edmonds Cache #6 and #7

 Up the hill in Edmonds just a little further Jr. Spider Cacher found yet another cache.

 Then down the hill we went, back towards town for one last cache.
We looked and looked for this micro-cache.

And B. found yet another.  Pretty good for her first caching excursion.

Edmonds Cache #5 - Caching in the Park

 Our caching adventure in Edmonds led us up the, through the neighborhoods and eventually to this park.

 Another find by guest cacher, B.

 I think everyone enjoyed a little break

Signing the log

Edmonds Cache #2, #3 and #4

This cache was a tricky find, but Pink Sypder Cacher came through and found it. 

 Not far from the above mentioned cache, Jr. Spyder Cacher found this one.  It was another micro-cache.

 Up the hill, in the neighborhood, and under the bridge Jr. Spyder Cacher found this.  Thankfully she did not find any trolls.